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Contract Interior Design Chicago

Employers today are more interested than ever in creating welcoming, dynamic environments for their employees and guests. Therefore, we are excited to offer a full range of interior design services for your corporate project. From choosing paint colors or assisting with finish selection during a remodel, to drafting electronic floor plans, selecting furniture, and creating comprehensive design schemes, we can help you with the small details or the big picture-- and anything in between. We happily partner with your architect or contract furniture dealer to create a beautiful space, whether you are nearing the finish line or are just at the start. Let us know what you need and we will let you know how we can help.

Services Include:

Selecting Paint Colors

Selection of Finishes

Development of Floor Plans

Development of Style & Design Scheme

Furniture Selection

Fabric & Color Coordination

Selection of Artwork & Accessories


Finishing Touches (Styling)

Partnering with Architects & Contract Furniture Suppliers

Our completed corporate projects include:

High School Lobby

Retail Showroom

Private Offices & Office Suites

Corporate Headquarters Cafeteria

Breakrooms & Kitchens

Conference Rooms

Employee Lounge Spaces

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