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We work together to create an enjoyable experience for every client, with designs that will continue to inspire happiness.

What We Do

Laura Design Company provides full-service design in the St. Charles, IL area, including space planning, finish selection, furnishing, decorating and every little detail in between. Whether collaborating with architects on designs or contractors to see them through, our team is engaged at every stage to ensure clients have peace of mind and, ultimately, a beautiful place to live, work, or both.

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Our Process

Our Process

  • No.01Onboarding

    It all begins with our essential get-to-know-you session. Tell us who you are, what you love and how you use your space. After this initial consultation, we’ll translate your passions, taste and aspirations into an inspiration board reflecting your unique style. This phase lays the groundwork for an organized project and truly personal, always beautiful, result.

  • No.02Design

    In the design phase, we space plan then select all finishes required for your new construction or remodel, from flooring and tile, to faucets and wall treatments. We then choose furnishings and décor to turn your house into a home. Our designers will create a comprehensive plan with design boards, samples, and drawings to help you visualize your spaces and move forward with confidence.

  • No.03Implementation

    Designs are only as good as the ability to execute them, and this is where our team really shines. With an organized process to schedule site visits, place and track orders, and lead installations, we are involved at every single step to make sure your designs are brought to life just as envisioned. We’re also committed to follow-through, so if anything isn’t quite perfect on install day, we’ll stick around until it is.


  • No.01What happens after I inquire?

    We’ll be in touch within a day or two to schedule a complimentary, no-pressure, get-to-know-you phone chat. We can answer all your questions, learn about your project, and tell you about our process, fees and anything else you’ll need to see if we are a good fit!

  • No.02I’ve never worked with a designer before... how does it work?

    We start every project with an initial consultation so that we can get to know you and your home in person and give you a glimpse into how we work. We will then create a proposal for our services, based on your unique scope and needs.

    Once you’ve said, “I’m in!” we will move your project through a simple, three-phase process. First, our Onboarding phase helps us really understand your style and goals. Next, we complete a detailed Design phase, selecting finishes, furniture and decor, and presenting you with every room’s concept and cost before you commit. Our third phase is Implementation, where we bring your space to life.

  • No.03How much does it cost?

    We wish there was a magic number or formula to answer that question, because we hate the answer, “It depends.” But, it depends! We have some clients who are furnishing several floors, and others who are building a brand new home from the ground up. As a rule of thumb, we are taking on remodeling or new-build projects that include multiple rooms, top-to-bottom, so that you can enjoy the best experience with our firm. Our goal is to create spaces that your family will use and love for years to come, and that will convey the value of beautiful design. To that end, we suggest a minimum budget of $50,000 per room for a cosmetic refresh or furniture project, and a minimum budget of $150,000 for a remodeling project.

  • No.04Do you manage construction?

    Great question! It’s important to make the distinction that we have chosen to be a design firm, rather than a design-build firm, for several reasons. First, we want to specialize in what we do best, and that is creating beautifully, thoughtfully designed spaces. Second, by remaining small, we can provide the highest degree of personalization for each client and active involvement from Laura and Laura on each project. Lastly, we prefer to connect our clients directly with trade professionals, so that we don’t have to charge additional fees or overhead. That said, although we don’t act as general contractors ourselves, we do have wonderful professionals that we can recommend to execute our designs. We are also 100% committed and fully present for site visits and communication with the trades throughout a project’s construction, so that we are ensuring it comes to life flawlessly.

  • No.05How long does a project take?

    The overall length of time depends on the scope of work. You should plan for at least 4-6 months for the Onboarding and Design phases. As far as implementation of construction, your contractor will provide a timeline for labor once they have received a scope of work from us. And when it comes to furniture, we source custom pieces that have an average lead time of 8-16 weeks.

Client Love

  • "We never had to wonder or worry about anything throughout the project.
    Everything turned out amazing and the attention to the finest detail sets them apart."

    Scott H.

  • "They were very knowledgeable and listened well to quickly learn our family’s style. They took in all the information and added their magic touch."

    Julie S.

  • "The Lauras have been nothing short of a blessing throughout our renovation project. They made decisions easier and the outcome beautiful."

    Kristine R.

  • "Super pleased and will be using this dynamic duo for many more projects around the house in the
    future! Wise, intelligent and well-informed."

    Dawn W.

  • “Working with you has been such a pleasure. Your design is truly a reflection of our family and we are enjoying
    spending time in each space.”

    Annette D.

  • “LDC is very professional and thorough. They are easy to work with and are very considerate of what the client's vision is. I love my "new" house!”

    Cheryl P.