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Hi & welcome to week one of the One Room Challenge! For those unfamiliar with the ORC, it is a challenge thrown out by Linda of Calling It Home, which she hosts bi-annually. As guest participants, we link up with her and about two hundred other brave souls willing to take on a one room design project and blog about it over the course of six weeks. We did the challenge back in the Spring, making over Laura Peacock's family room. This time, it's the other Laura's turn!

Anyone who has been following Laura Irion's personal blog life for any amount of time has heard her whining and bemoaning the lack of a powder room on her main floor. (We will ignore the fact that this is her own fault, because upon moving in she deemed it poorly located and made her husband rip it out. Six years later she is still questioning the wisdom of that decision).

No matter! The day has come...the powder room is REALLY happening. It's been started and stopped countless times. Pitfalls, fear, cost, whatever - you name it, it has stood in the way. But six weeks from today, the Irions will finally have a bathroom on their main floor. Hallelujah!

To catch you up to speed without boring you to death, the bullet points are this: We have turned one giant oversized dining room into three smaller, much more functional, rooms on the main floor of LI's home. (We call her LI. The other Laura is LP. Hopefully the fact that there are two Laura's around here and we like to keep it nebulous as to which one is talking to you will not drive you insane.)

There is now an office, a soon-to-be powder room and a mudroom/laundry. The mudroom/laundry is a wreck so we're going to be doing our best to crop it out of every photo. Trust us, it would burn your eyes out to see it. The powder room has, until recently, been a pile of rubble inside the mudroom.

Slowly but surely, LI's husband, Ryan, has been building the bones of this bathroom. First, he framed it in. Then he did all the plumbing, electrical, put in a door, fan, drywall, mud, tape, the whole thing. And though he's had a ton of experience working on construction within their own home (and does meticulous work, btw) he doesn't *technically* know what he's doing. All of this has been cobbled together through You Tube videos and phone calls to his dad.

One Room Challenge Powder Room - Laura Design Co.

Presently, we have walls, a blank shell of a room, and a brave husband willing to give it a go with the whole internet watching. What we don't have is everything else. Floor tile, wall tile, crown moulding, wallpaper, fittings & fixtures. And assuming those all go smoothly in the next 6 weeks, we'll be saying lots of prayers that once the sink and toilet are installed they will actually work!

Here is the elevation & plan for the room:

One Room Challenge Powder Room - Laura Design Co.
One Room Challenge Powder Room - Laura Design Co.

The Schumacher wallpaper is obviously the star of the show, but we've also got a yummy box in the garage of sink goodness. This metal & glass console sink from RH is just too gorgeous for words. The vanity is marble, as is the 2" hex floor tile. Classic subway tile is going half way up the walls. And, funny story, LI won the Kohler throne at a raffle. We went to a networking event at a builder showroom and one of the giveaway prizes was a toilet. By the end of the night, everyone knew LI was gunning for that prize. And she actually won the thing! (It turns out that leading with "So, I won a toilet today" is a great ice breaker at dinner parties). And now, one year later, that lovely piece of porcelain is finally going to be installed. 

This is going to be fun.

Huge thanks as always to Linda for hosting this wonderfully inclusive and encouraging event. We're so happy to be participating! Please visit Linda's blog to see what our cohorts have up their sleeves for this round. And stay tuned! We'll have a progress update for you every Thursday through November 9th!

Laura & Laura 

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