We first met Kyle when he hired us for a Color Consultation for his new (to him) condo. Before he moved in, we helped him choose all of the paint colors and carpet for his 2-bedroom place. As we were about to leave, he mentioned briefly that his master bathroom needed a gut job, but it was something on the back burner.

It came as a surprise then that just a couple weeks later, he called and said he had gutted the whole bathroom and was in a pickle to figure out what to put back in it! It turns out that once the rest of his home was painted, updated, and beautiful, the bathroom wasn’t quite as bearable as he’d hoped. Here are the pictures he shared with us:

Chicago bathroom remodeling
The Bathroom Before: Big Box Remodeling
Buying a Bathroom at a Big Box Store

He then delivered our all-time favorite line we’ve heard since starting this business. He said he had gone to Lowe’s to purchase his bathroom fixtures, and as he stood in the aisle staring at all the options, his uncle said, “You better call the Lauras.” Ha! That will always crack us up.

And that’s exactly what Kyle did. The tricky part was, he needed everything in only 3 days time, as his contractor was scheduled to start work on Monday. And he needed everything to come from Lowe’s. We are used to shopping lots of different sources to pull together a room, and we usually have the option of special orders and long lead times. But we were totally up to the challenge for this Big Box Bathroom.

We met at Lowe’s the following afternoon and set up camp in the tile aisle.

Bathroom Remodel by Laura Design Company

Our first decision was the flooring, which set the tone for the rest of the room. It was a gorgeous grey wood-look tile that could fool anyone into thinking it was true reclaimed hardwood.

Next, after comparing a few sizes of subway tile, we decided on a classic 3 x 6 for the shower surround, with a contrasting grey grout.

Bathroom Remodel by Laura Design Company

Vanity, knobs, fixtures, fittings, lighting, and paint came together and we left with a complete bathroom scheme and shopping list to hand over to Kyle.

Laura Design Company, Chicago Interior Styling
Complete Bathroom In Stock from Lowes

A few weeks later, we were so excited to receive the "after" pictures!

Big Box Bathroom by Laura Design Company
Subway Tile with Light Grey Grout, Bathroom Remodel by Laura Design Company

It's hard to believe this is the same bathroom! We’re over the moon for that rustic floor and dusty blue paint, and the whole room turned out beautifully. Thanks again Kyle for calling us in!

Laura Design Company, Chicago Interior Styling

AuthorLaura Irion