Blue is a huge trend in interiors at the moment- from bright and electric, to green-tinged teals, to dusty and moody, blue is having a heyday in every hue. 

One way to incorporate this trend and guarantee its staying power is to go with a classic navy. Whether layered with coordinating trim, or sitting against a crisp white, you just can't go wrong with navy. 

If you're looking for a place to start, grab a few of these swatches:

The Best Navy Blue Paints

Here are some tips for working with this rich color:


  • Always buy a sample can so that you can test the paint in your space.


  • The choice will be clearer if you have at least one large piece for your room first- a rug, a sofa, a painting- that you can coordinate with.


  • Consider painting trim, moulding, baseboards, backs of doors, and other millwork the same shade of navy as your walls. With this color, a treatment like this looks modern and chic.


  • Navy also looks fabulous in a semi-gloss or even high-gloss finish. (Normally walls are egg-shell). Be careful that you have very smooth walls underneath if you decide to try this!


  • Do not be afraid to use navy in a small space. It can be wonderfully enveloping.


  • You don't have to accessorize with sea coral and sailboats. Try a brass floor lamp, a caramel leather sofa, or some boho textiles for a casual feel, or offset the dark paint with crystal and white velvet for a glamorous look.  


  • For just a dose without a lot of commitment, consider painting the backs of interior doors or closet doors- major drama that is easily changed if you tire of it!


Happy Painting!

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