Williams Bay House

No.01Design Approach

From the moment you walk into this light-flooded space, the first thing that captures your attention is the spectacular view of Lake Geneva’s Williams Bay. So it’s no wonder our clients wanted to make this a full-time home, not just a vacation stop. With year-round living in mind for a family of four, our approach was to combine the rejuvenating feel of a special destination with the luxury and comfort of home.

Scope of service

"This design team worked so well with my construction team, that there was never an issue. They were so accommodating. They ordered all of the materials, furniture and all of the details. When we finally moved into our home, all I had to do was put my clothes away. I feel now like I am on a permanent luxury vacation."

Melanie C.

No.02Main Floor

Family Room

No.03Lower Level

Family Room
Gaming & Workspace

No.04Screened Porch

Screened Porch

No.05Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Primary Bedroom
Primary Bath