Bridge Modern Project

No.01Design Approach

Our client has a strong modern style and a decidedly traditional home, so we had to delicately balance the two when approaching this remodel. By incorporating classic cabinetry and finishing touches, we were able to play with bolder, more modern lines in the details. Ultimately, the reimagined flow and architecture of this kitchen captured the family’s minimalist style, while staying true to the character of the home.

Scope of service

Before, the "traditional" details were over the top. From Roman columns to ornate grape vines, this kitchen was begging for a fresh take. We cleaned up ceiling lines, and simplified the visual chaos. The most key change was raising the floor and windows in the breakfast area. This effectively doubled the size of the space, and allowed the client to have one central, and much more functional, island.

Laura Peacock


No.03Butler's Pantry