A sofa is often the largest investment when you’re furnishing a room, and can eat up a budget faster than you can say, “Bob’s your uncle.” Yet it sets the tone and style direction, and is the piece that-- usually-- stays put while all the other accents come and go.

An attractive sofa is worth the pursuit, and with a little sleuthing it is possible to find one at an affordable price. Here are 8 sofas that prove high style is attainable without breaking the bank.

8 Stylish Affordable Sofas

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Now this might go without saying, but you do run a little risk with a budget sofa. Your options are usually limited for fabric, and the biggest test of all-- the sit test-- is hard to pull off when you’re shopping in a computer screen. (If anyone figures out how to do that one, please let us know). You also have to be conscious of how important quality and longevity are to you. If those criteria top your list, you may want to work toward more of an investment piece.

Before you take the plunge on a budget sofa, especially one from an online retailer, it’s good to weigh the pros and cons, and evaluate your priorities. Here are some things to think about:


  • Can’t do a “sit test” so comfort is a gamble

  • Limited fabric selection

  • Stock tends to sell out quickly

  • Fabric swatches typically unavailable

  • Usually not built for durability/ longevity

  • Often not eco-friendly/ sustainable/ chemical-free



  • Affordable
  • Looks good

  • Peace of mind: You are less prone to worry about every spill and scratch with an inexpensive sofa

  • You won’t feel guilty replacing it if it goes out of style in a few years and you’re craving something new



  • Reviews are abundant in the internet age and are a valuable resource. Read them! (You’ll discover quickly that our sofa #4 isn’t a great choice if your primary need is a comfortable convertible).

  • Research return policies. It may make you feel better knowing you are able to return something that doesn’t work for you.

  • Visit the store in person if you can. If at all possible, see the piece in real life.

  • Measure twice. Not only should you make sure a sofa can fit in your room, you should also measure delivery access areas, hallways, and any doorways it needs to go through to get there.


Once you've done a little research and know the qualities that are important to you, you'll be able to make a confident, stylish and budget-friendly decision. 

Happy shopping!

Laura Design Company Chicago Interior Styling

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