Last year our good friend, and photographer, Ellen, purchased an 1893 farmhouse (lucky girl!) and had us over within a day of closing for a consulting session (lucky us!) to figure out what the heck to do with the place. As with many of our consulting clients, Ellen has great vision, amazing taste, and is totally capable of pulling off a design. She just needed some help with where to start. Here's what it looked like:

BEFORE Farmhouse Kitchen Update- Laura Design Co.

We went through the house and picked paint colors, talked rugs and furniture layout and brainstormed bathroom fixtures, but most of our time was spent in the kitchen. This room is the heart of the home and the one that needed some actual remodeling more than a quick face-lift. With the budget tight, we were aiming to upgrade the finishes and function without gutting the whole thing or changing the layout.

We left Ellen that day with a few sketches, an action plan for the kitchen, and a whopping to-do list. And that’s all the credit we can take! Over the next few months, she and her husband pulled it all off like magic, and the only thing left for us to do was squeal excitedly over progress pictures as they came in. (BTW, not only did they remodel the kitchen and update the whole house with decor and paint, they also kept track of two toddlers and, oh, had a third baby… and she runs a photography business in there somewhere, leaving us to wonder at this point if Ellen is actually human, but whatever).

Interior Design Consulting - Laura Design Co.

Fast forward a few months and Ellen called to see if we needed any interiors shot on a particular weekend (we love her so), and we immediately said, “um, your kitchen?!” She said yes- woohoo!- so we styled it and shot it and it is!! And in case you’re wondering, yes, we spruced it up a tad for the shoot, but the styling was sooooo minimal. Sometimes the room next door has a 10’ heap of stuff removed for a photo session, but with Ellen’s it was seriously just clearing away a few sippy cups and counter appliances. We didn’t touch a thing on the walls or rearrange any furniture- none of that needed!

Ready to see??

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel- Laura Design Co.
Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen- Laura Design Co.
Farmhouse Kitchen- Laura Design Co.
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen- Laura Design Co.
Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelving- Laura Design Co.

It's hard to believe the footprint of the kitchen didn't change, and those are the same appliances! On the other side of the room was a seating area where Ellen wanted a built-in banquette. Here is the before:

BEFORE of Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Here is that side of the room now!

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover- Laura Design Co.
Farmhouse Kitchen Design-Laura Design Co.
Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover- Laura Design Co.

There was also an awkward nook in this room where the previous owners had done some built-in cabinets that weren't very functional. Taking them out allowed an office area to be installed. Before:

BEFORE Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

Now there is a practical and stylish office area in this kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchen Office Nook- Laura Design Co.

For lots more photos, including all of the before's (Pink counters! Floating cabinets!), plus all the details on sources, you will not regret visiting Ellen’s blog for more Farmhouse Kitchen here!

All photos by Ellen at Red Sweater Photography.


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