Today we are excited to show you part of a three-month long project that has just wrapped up. This was a collaboration with Heritage Beam & Board, a company specializing in reclaimed barn wood salvage and furniture. They asked us to redesign the main barn on their property, located near Lake Geneva, so that it could be a client showroom, functional meeting space, and entertaining venue. 

The stunning barn was over 2,000 square feet so our first challenge was to lay out the space. It needed to have good flow and function, meet all the criteria on their wish list, and create smaller intimate spaces within a huge open floor plan. 

Today we're going to give you a tour of the Conference Room. There was a small attic-like space at the back of the barn that Heritage asked us to turn into their main meeting space. It is the only room that could be closed off with doors, so their goal was to insulate it and make it super cozy for meeting with clients.

When we saw the room, we immediately thought that white barn wood would look amazing. We suggested that they clad the entire thing- floors, walls, and ceiling- with distressed white reclaimed planks. The unique (and super cool) thing about this project was that we could cast a vision, and Heritage could run with it. They sourced, built and installed everything and anything we could throw at them, and they did an amazing job.

Here are some views of the room when we first laid eyes on it:

Building knee walls, reinforcing the ceiling, and insulating the room were first on the construction list. Once the bones were set, Heritage chose a white reclaimed barn floor for the walls and ceiling. You will see from the markings in the wood where the floor planks used to lay on the joists in their former home. 

After that, the floor was whitewashed, a new window was added at the peak, new lighting went up, and doors were installed to close off storage in the knee walls. Finally it was ready for us to come back and do the fun part: Furniture and styling!

Here is the new conference room:

What a difference! The whole room is flooded with light and cozy warm. We brought in colorful artwork and accessories to make the room feel bright and cheerful. Everything we used was already part of Heritage's stash. After a couple years of hosting flea-type Barn Sales, they had piles of vintage treasures and family heirlooms to "shop" from. Not to mention their custom-made furniture. (The table and bench are original Heritage pieces).  Basically this was a designer's dream job.

Here's one more look at the "before" ...

There's no doubt it was already a beautiful space, and we hope the changes live up to the heritage of this beautiful barn!

Huge and heartfelt thanks to Emily, Seth, and the Heritage Beam & Board family for letting us work on this project with you. 

{Update: Tour the rest of the barn here!}

AuthorLaura Irion