We're always saying that good design starts with the end in mind. In fact, that is one of our CORE philosophies around here. We believe this is what makes our client projects so successful (and why things go so terribly wrong when we violate that rule in our own homes...)

On the project we're currently working on, the principal comes to life. We are at the very beginning of a complete basement build, and before any hammer has been lifted, we're choosing furniture. Why? Because we want to make sure that the architecture and everything going inside of it fit beautifully together in the end. It might seem a bit like overkill, but on a construction project, the more details you can nail down at the beginning, the more seamless the design will feel when it's all done.

We started with the shell of the basement and mapped out all the rooms based on our client's requests and the way this large family is planning to use the space. We created three bedrooms, two baths, and a main hang-out lounge space perfect for teens and toddlers alike. 

Family Friendly Basement Lounge Space- Laura Design Co.

The main lounge space is going to have built-in storage and a separate area for video gaming. Every teen's dream hangout. For the bathrooms, our client asked for an oldschool classic Chicago black-and-white vibe. We were ALL too happy to say yes to that request!

Classic Chicago Black & White Bathroom Design- Laura Design Co.

The first bath will be within a guest room and puts a feminine spin on the style. Above are the elements we chose, and below you can see a rendering we prepared for the contractors to work from.

Classic Black & White Chicago Bathroom with White Subway Tile Wainscotting, Vintage Vanity and Black Bamboo Mirror

The second bath has a front half that will act as a powder room for the basement lounge, and a second half that will have a shower and vanity accessible for overnight guests. We love the industrial nod the sconce brings in, and the overall feel of the 1920's.

Classic Chicago Black & White Bathroom Design- Laura Design Co.

Taller-than-usual gloss black wainscoting and a matching crown moulding steal the show. It's amazing how many little details are thought through at this stage in the game, but knowing how much carpentry is involved is really going to help our client get accurate bids up front.

Classic Black & White Chicago Bathroom with Pedestal Sink and Black Beadboard Wainscotting, Brass Fittings and Industrial Sconce

Here are some pretty pictures we love to snap as we're preparing to present a design...

Chicago suburbs basement remodeling design by Laura Design Co.
Chicago basement remodeling design by Laura Design Co.

You can get a glimpse above (top right corner) of one of the Specifications documents for this project...this is a helpful list as you move forward on a project to gather all of the materials and specs for the hard finishes in one place. Contractors can work from this to give labor estimates, you can use it to keep an eye on budget, and it helps keep track of decisions that are still outstanding. Before we start construction, we try to have this as complete as possible so that materials can be ordered in a timely fashion, and so that as few from-the-hip decisions as possible will need to be made during the build.

Chicago basement remodeling design by Laura Design Co.
Custom Design Package - Interior Design by Laura Design Co. Chicago & NW Suburban Design Studio

Now that we have a plan for where we're going, we can gather labor quotes and it should be a smooth process as it comes to life! We can't wait!

AuthorLaura Irion