I think it's safe to say that the anti-grey movement is rising. It was inevitable, I'm sure, for a color this pervasive that has been going for a decade strong. At some point, people will to start to complain. We're not there yet though. We tend to side with Laurel Bern, who smartly noted that grey is a historic (and natural) color, one that will always have a place in the most beautifully edited of interiors. What we really love are the barely-there greys (the light greiges, if you will). These are the ones that have depth and presence without being in your face. They're soft; They're romantic. And they're especially perfect in the expansive suburban homes we work in, where the wall space seems to go on for miles. These greys are just the right balance for people who are caught between being tired of grey walls, and terrified of white ones. 

Styling:  Lotta Agaton     Photo:  Erik Lefvander  for  Residence , via  Nordic Design
Photographer: Angus Fergusson  Source:   House & Home   February 2016  Designer: Allison Wilson

Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Source: House & Home February 2016

Designer: Allison Wilson

Le Grillon  Voyager via  Laurel Home

And we certainly don't have to relegate them to walls. We actually like them even better on cabinetry, or trim work. The conventional treatment of darker-walls-white-trim can be beautifully flipped with these greys.  

Design by  Kitchen & Beyond
Design by  Kitchen & Beyond
Design by  Devol

Design by Devol

Design by  Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

So here are a handful of our tried-and-true favorites. The ones we keep reaching for. Each in their own way is subtle, neutral, light and serene, and we really don't think there's a bad pick in the bunch. 

The Best Grey Paints | Laura Design Co.

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