One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Laura Design Co.
Tween girls bedroom design- One Room Challenge by Laura Design Co.

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since we took on a One Room Challenge with our tiny jewel box of a powder room. It feels like that was yesterday! But we’re definitely ready to dive in again, as the 2018 season is here!

For the next six weeks, we’ll be transforming a drab and way-overcrowded girl’s bedroom into a sophisticated and striking space for a young lady. Our “client” is a discerning and opinionated newly-10-year-old, who happens to be my (Laura Irion’s) daughter. (You know we have to use our own houses for these challenges because trying to do something this stressful in a client’s house- and in only 6 weeks- well, there isn’t enough blood pressure medicine in the world…)

By the time of our final reveal, this room will have received new trim, window and door casings, crown moulding, a new chandelier complete with ceiling medallion, WALLPAPER (yes!!), the most fabulous closet-turned-reading-nook there ever was, and a whole host of new furniture and decor.

Hopefully it’ll turn out well! (That is always the risk of a live challenge where you could fall on your face and fail hard in front of the entire internet…but what’s life if you aren’t going to live it, right?),

Let’s start by showing you…the start. Here is where this room began (Warning: These photos are not for the faint of heart and we totally understand if you need to periodically avert your eyes in order to get through them all):

Tween girls bedroom BEFORE- One Room Challenge
Tween girls room BEFORE- One Room Challenge
Tween girls room BEFORE- Laura Design Co.
Tween girls room BEFORE- One Room Challenge
Tween girls bedroom BEFORE- One Room Challenge

Everything about this room makes me feel gloomy- from the mismatched leftover furniture to the total lack of storage- but the worst part by far is the green(ish?) paint. It’s not quite grey, not quite green, and seriously the most lifeless and dull color ON THE PLANET. We are happy to be saying goodbye to one of the last vestiges of the previous owner's decor.

In full disclosure, and in thrilling news for our aforementioned blood pressure, the construction part of this room is actually DONE already. While at this time last year we were up to our eyeballs in drywall dust, this room has been transformed into a lovely empty shell. We can’t wait to show it to you! So our challenge will be to furnish and decorate it over the next six weeks.

Here is the plan:

Tween girl's bedroom design- One Room Challenge by Laura Design Co.

It all hinges on that incredible cheetah print wallpaper. We are dying over it! And no accent walls in sight here…it’s go big or go home, so this will be on every wall, top to bottom. It is beyond! Because the bold design is tempered by a neutral color palette, it’s not overwhelming at all. And our girl loves color so the room will have a lot of soft pops of teal, turquoise, and pink. The wallpaper design was hatched in the ‘70’s, so we have a gold and glass etagere coming in that is a perfect nod to the decade. Some natural bamboo wood will keep it warm, and lots of glossy white trim and accents will ensure the design is fresh and clean.

Next week we’ll give you all the construction details. For now, be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge blog to see what all the other guest participants have hatched for this season’s run!


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