Welcome to Week 4 (how?!) of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. We are entering the home stretch, but since we've been at High Point Market all week, this room was on the back burner. (In case you weren’t following - peek at our Instagram for gobs of drool-worthy showrooms…)

Even so, we can at least update you on how we solved our furniture layout conundrums, a couple cute pieces we're repurposing, and - finally- THE rug!!

We are going to be working with existing furniture, which always presents its challenges. Because of the high cost of the bones of this remodel, we didn’t have much budget leftover for new large pieces. The main piece we are working with is a wedge-style sectional from another room in the house. Before construction began, we brought in the sofa to see how it would best layout. That was a real uh-oh moment. It was just plain awkward no matter how we placed it, and we kinda started to panic! (Now we'll show you these photos, but you have to promise to remember that the green walls and awful carpet are GONE, ok?!)

Before Photo, One Room Challenge
Before Photo, One Room Challenge

You may NEVER repeat this to anyone, as one of our most religiously held rules as designers is Thou Shalt Not Place Furniture On An Angle. In fact, when the idea was spoken out loud, it had to be done in a whisper and with a pact that we would never speak of it again. But because of the dire circumstances, and because of the piece itself being angled…we dared to utter the words we thought we’d never say. “Should we try it on an angle?”

We fought back a nervous gulp, wiped our sweaty palms, and moved the sofa into an angled position toward the TV, expecting to quickly move it back and erase the bad memory from our minds. But to our shock and delight, it worked. And I mean…WORKED. 

Before Photos, One Room Challenge

We had planned on a console table behind it, but then an old Ethan Allen pine desk from another room grabbed our attention. We tried it instead, and it was a perfect way to fill the overly-large space behind the sofa. We’ve used this trick before, and it is AWESOME. It turns the space behind a floating sofa into a little laptop nook. The desk is a great perch. And the piece is one that LP bought at her first job. It’s travelled with her from home to home and always found a place.

Before Photo, One Room Challenge
One Room Challenge, Laura Design Co.

LP lucked out when she found a desk chair on super sale at the Crate & Barrel outlet.

One Room Challenge in Progress, Laura Design Co.

She also grabbed this woven chair...we aren't absolutely positive if it will land in this room, but we had to have it!

One Room Challenge in Progress, Laura Design Co.

Another little gem we’re excited to use is this bench, which the previous owners left on the porch of her house. It’s getting a new coat of paint and will provide a spot to put on shoes or toss bags next to the entry. (This room is the main entry from the garage to the house so it has to have good storage and function a bit like a mud room in the back corner).

Repurposing Vintage Furniture, Laura Design Co.
Home Sweet Home Linen Banner, One Room Challenge by Laura Design Co.

And in the most exciting news of all….we finally found a rug!! After searching for EVER, we found this little vintage darling. It’s definitely smaller than we would have liked, but the layering trick over jute will work just fine, and the colors and pattern are exactly what we were craving. It feels so good to have that settled!

Vintage VISS rug, Laura Design Co.

In a slight bit of bummer news, we have been searching for a statement coffee table, and found one at Target, of all places, that was super beautiful and dirt cheap. We were afraid it might be garbage at that price, but had to try right?? Well, it came and the marble was cracked. We had it replaced and the replacement was cracked too! Ugh! Overall it was a lovely table but they just couldn't get it to us in one piece. So that's still up in the air.

One Room Challenge in Progress, Laura Design Co.
One Room Challenge in Progress, Laura Design Co.

We also hung up a mirror and coat rack on the entry wall and it was instantly obvious that a small console was needed. After looking high and low for a tiny one (apparently no one else in the world needs a 36" wide console table), we are considering asking Ryan (Laura Irion's husband) to make one for us. He's probably feeling a little left out of this ORC anyways, so we would be doing him a favor, right?...

In progress, One Room Challenge by Laura Design Co.

Next week we’ll be excited to show you the completed construction! Until then, be sure to stop by Linda’s to see how everyone else is coming along.




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