Welcome back to the Calling It Home ORC Week 2! We are in the thick of it already, building a new powder room on my (Laura Irion’s) main floor.

(That there to the right is our rendering of what it *should* look like when we're all done. In case you missed it, you can catch up on our master plan here.)

In Week 2, we took our lumps, on large issues like the sink being too big (oops, duh, and all the grrrrr’s) to small issues like register grates arriving in the wrong finish.

Hopefully we’re just getting all the problems out of the way early on in this challenge and it’ll be smooth sailing from here! Right?!

Progress is slow and steady. All we can say was actually accomplished was the installation of the crown moulding. It’s crazy how many steps this pesky stuff takes! Measure, cut, hold in place, cut again, hold in place, cut again, hold in place, paint, nail in place, spackle, sand, spackle again, sand again*, touch up paint, caulk, touch up paint again. Ugh. Glad that’s done.

*It might be around this point that Ryan (my husband and the muscle on this project) declared this will be his last ORC. For REAL this time. ;-)

One Room Challenge Week 2 Powder Room Bulid- Laura Design Co.
One Room Challenge Building a Powder Room- Laura Design Co.

As Ryan was wrestling with that, I was wrestling with a nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away about the size of the sink. Now, you have to understand, we’ve literally been tinkering on this bathroom for 4 years. No joke. The design has gone through a billion iterations, and the room hasn’t even had walls until now. So I kind of, um, forgot what size we had decided on for the sink. In my haste to get it ordered so that we could get this thing done already, I totally ordered the wrong size. Fail! I thought *maybe* I could get away with it (it was a 36” single console) so I pulled an LP (remember her cardboard chandelier from the Spring?) and made myself a life-size sink out of a box and two wrapping paper rolls. It looked good in pictures (aside from the fact that it was, you know, cardboard), but in real life you could hardly walk around it. Dang!

One Room Challenge Building a Powder Room- Laura Design Co.

THANKFULLY the exact same sink comes in a powder room size that - again mocked up out of cardboard- felt just right. Also thankfully, I called Amber, at RH in Oakbrook, and she’s waving her magic wand to return the old sink and get a new one here within a week or two. Crisis averted! It’s not the ORC without a little drama.

One Room Challenge Building a Powder Room- Laura Design Co.

Now that that’s settled, it’s floor tile time! Tuesday of this week we did the all-important dry-lay to see how the tile will look once installed.

One Room Challenge Building a Powder Room- Laura Design Co.


This step is really critical. As you can see, there is a lot of variation in the tile that we want evenly dispersed throughout the room. On the first go around, two very white squares ended up right next to each other, and one tile has a pronounced grey stripe on the edge. By laying this out ahead of time, you can see issues like this and switch pieces around as needed.

Why you need to dry-lay floor tile before installation- Laura Design Co.

In the next couple of days, Ryan is going to label each piece with a number and begin cutting. He thinks it will all be installed by the end of the weekend. Then, wall tile will be next. Did I mention he’s never done tile before?

One Room Challenge Building a Powder Room- Laura Design co.

Sometimes he sits like this for a very long time. Not sure if he’s crying or just thinking really hard about his life choices. In either case, I figure it's best if I stay far away. And take pictures. 

Be sure to check out what the other guest participants are up to, and we’ll see you back here next week!!

xx- LI


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